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Diamonds were created almost 3 billion years ago, 150 km below the earth’s surface, where the exact combination of pressure and temperature essential for their formation prevails.
Today diamonds can be found in mines thanks to volcanic eruptions that carried them to the surface. However, in order to find 1 gram of this rare mineral, 1500 tons of ore must be mined.
The word ‘diamond’ derives from the Greek word ‘Adama’, which means ‘invincible’, and diamonds are undoubtedly an invincible mineral, both in hardness and in beauty.
Diamonds are characterized and graded according to the five Cs:

The diamonds’ Cut, which determines their brilliance; their Carat weight; their Color, or to be exact – their lack of color; their Clarity, measured by the number of imperfections seen under magnification; and Consumer confidence, guaranteeing the diamonds are not used to finance any illegal and violent activities.

Although seemingly very central, carat weight alone does not determine the diamond’s value; each of the 5 Cs greatly influence a diamond’s value, so a diamond with excellent  clarity, a good cut and a high color grade is worth much more than a larger diamond with weaker clarity, cut and color features.