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Special Diamonds and Unique Designs

Patent Diamond

Lili Diamonds’ singularity in the straight edge diamond market is our innovative boldness, in a search for novel ways to cut any diamond in order to allow its inborn beauty to be seen and emphasized and essentially become a special diamond. Our Research & Development team works hard to find out what jewelry designers and customers around the globe are looking for, by conducting surveys in various market segments; subsequently, the creative work of making these dreams come true begins.

Find a unique diamond that is perfect for you

Lili Diamonds have all the experience and know how to deliver a unique diamond that is perfect for you. With years expertise in the diamond industry, Lili Diamonds has all the skills it take to cut and manufacture a diamond that you will be able to enjoy for the rest of your life.

Patent Diamond

This creative drive, alongside the unmatched expertise of Lili Diamonds’ craftsmen, has paved new paths in the diamond industry and brought to life until this day several worldwide protected patent diamond cuts, such as Crisscut®, Crisscut® Cushion, Wondercut®, Meteor cut®, Lily Cut® and Orchidea® Cut (the last two are only sold embedded into jewelry pieces under Lili Jewelry), that bring scintillation and spark to new heights.