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Something about Fancy Cut – INTERVIEW

Taiwan based Jewelry World Magazine interviews Lili Diamonds’s CEO Mr. Dotan Siman-Tov.

An English translated version:

Something you must know about fancy cut diamond

1. Is fancy cut diamond easier to get than a round one?

That’s a very good question- the market is used to round stones as typical diamonds. This is what people usually see and know and because of that 90% of the rough in the world is being manufactured as round diamonds. There are more than other 20 regular shapes such as: emerald, princess, asscher, radiant, cushion, oval, marquise… and there are at least 50 patent stones I know about (we have 6 worldwide registered patent diamonds). But still people know and understand more the round diamond and this is what they buy and look for. Nevertheless, today with the internet influence and consumers knowledge people want to have something unique and they are looking for other shapes including Patent diamonds.
As a company which manufactures fancy shapes and patent diamonds for the biggest companies in the world we feel the change in the last 10 years.

2. Considering of increase in value, is fancy cut diamond better than round one?

Round diamond cost higher than the same fancy diamond. This is because of manufacturing process which makes round diamond weight less in the final process. Usually rough for round diamonds cost higher as well. But again, round diamond you can find anywhere and compare from many sources, while for fancy shapes it’s a different story- for example except the added value we have in our signature patent diamonds such as LILI®, ORCHIDEA®, CRISSCUT®, CRISSCUSHION®, WONDER®, METEOR® we make ready layouts for bracelets, necklaces and rings which are sorted (color, clarity, carat) and calibrated to a straight line of beautiful diamonds. We hold a big stock of polished diamond to make each order we get to be fulfilled in the same week-process that take a few weeks in other companies.

3. Is it hard to create a new shape of diamond? – How many shapes exist now?

I know about 50 different shapes of diamonds rather than the regular shapes but I don’t know how many of them really successful. As mentioned before, we hold 6 patent diamonds registered worldwide including LILI®, ORCHIDEA®, CRISSCUT®, CRISSCUSHION®, WONDER®, METEOR®. All of the 6 are very successful and in each market there is different demand for color, clarity and size. All of our patent diamonds are being inscribed with serial number of our company and being certified by GIA. Although it may seem easy to create a new cut, it is the other way around. Most of our patent diamond took us between 1-3 years to finalize the cut with the right angles and facets to create the maximum fire and brilliance that a diamond should have. It’s a very difficult process both for the cutter and for us to create a new diamond and we have a few that we didn’t even try to sell because we don’t believe they are unique enough to be patent diamonds. We believe that creating a new diamond is a task for professionals – both for manufacturers and consumers. All our patent diamonds have unique outline shapes and brilliance which compared to the round stone. It’s very important for us that each stone that is being polished will be in the right proportion and symmetry to have the final look of a beautiful sparkling diamond.

4. What new shapes does Lili Diamonds have in recent years?

The most recent shape we developed was the METEOR®. The METEOR® was born on 10/10/10. This superb diamond cut has a decagonal shape, and its 10 straight walls are wonderfully built of 71 facets. It took 10 months of diligent work and persistent attempts to overcome the technical challenges. In order to cut the METEOR® with flawless symmetry, each facet perfectly angled, so that it radiates dazzling brilliance. With its exceptional luminosity and endless refraction of light, any METEOR® cut diamond is easily recognized at first glance.

Although we started selling this diamond only 4 years ago it become very quickly one of the leading we sell. I believe that it happened for 2 reasons: 1. The diamond is very beautiful; 2. Our clients believe in our products and they come back again and again.

5. On last note, is there anything customers regularly misunderstand?

Sometimes consumers buy the round diamonds because this is what they know and see around. A small part of them are “doing homework” and searching something else, something unique and this are the consumers we are looking for.
We publish and advertise our diamonds in leading magazines and websites-trying to reach and educate clients about other possibilities.
The name Lili Diamonds is well known for our creation and a leading companies are buying unique diamonds from us (some that we are making only for them and under exclusive long term agreements).